Barnard Dale Cottage sits next to the River Hull. A footpath along the riverbank leads to (pedestrian access only) Swinemoor which is situated immediately south of the property.

Riverbank rainbow at Barnard Dale Cottage

The owners of Barnard Dale Cottage also own the riverbank, which is not included in the sale of the house, stables and grazings. The owners recognise that access to the riverbank or a portion of it, possibly a mooring for a boat, and access to additional grazings on the riverbank may be of interest to some prospective purchasers, and are therefore prepared to discuss all options to achieve this with the purchasers of Barnard Dale Cottage.

Present owners need to retain access to part of the riverbank and some moorings; a right of occasional access to the riverbank for maintenance and upkeep as needed will be required.

Owners do intend in principle to grant a private right of pedestrian access from the garden gate directly across and onto the riverbank footpath to the ccupiers of Barnard Dale Cottage.