Weather, tides and the river


Boating will always be subject to the weather! Our self drive boats are open, so please do check the forecast and bring appropriate clothing – it can be cold out on the water, and the wind will feel a little stronger than it does on shore.

This Leconfield SAR weather forecast is the closest Met office forecast location to our hire base. This is the most accurate and reliable forecast in our opinion, if you ask us this is where our information comes from!

If the weather is particularly bad we may cancel boat hire on safety grounds, and we may also go home early if it’s pouring with rain and there’s no-one about! If the weather is marginal, the recommendation to get in touch with us before you travel is even more relevant.


We are not greatly affected by the tide, occasionally in late autumn the river may get low enough to give a few problems but this is rare and our boathire manager can advise on conditions when you make a booking. The river conditions are influenced by rainfall more than by the tide.

During the summer season we generally have tidal predictions available from Beverley Beck Boating Association, reproduced with kind permission. Due to the variables on the river these tides are a guide and local daily variations may have a significant impact.

For those with an understanding of the tides wishing a little more information, you can estimate HW and LW times for Beverley using Albert dock in Hull as a reference station. Use tide times for Albert dock for reference, but you will need to apply corrections: HW Beverley is about 2 hours after HW at Albert dock, LW Beverley is just before HW Albert dock. It is not possible to predict heights as there are too many variables, but the river heights follow the pattern of springs and neaps so there will be more water in the river at springs than neaps. Don’t worry if this does not make any sense, just ask our manager for some guidance!

River heights

River height data is available from the Environment agency for Beverley Shipyard and Wilfhome, these will give you a good idea how much water will be in the river. Look at the heights for a few days before, and you will see the trends.