Popular trips

We’ve listed here some of our most popular trips, these might give you some inspiration! Of course this list is not exhaustive….

Short trips


Very many of our customers come for a short trip first, just to try it out and see if they enjoy themselves. Often the first trip is just an hour rowing, this is invariably popular but you won’t get very far. Most come back to take a boat with an engine in order to see a bit more of the river. Our rowing boats are based at Tickton but occaisionally put in guest appearances on the Driffield navigation!

One advantage of rowing from North Frodingham is that there is very little current!


A lot of people want to try a quick trip in a boat, either because they don’t have a lot of time or to see if the kids enjoy it.

From Tickton a lot of people head north into the countryside, an hour will give you time to get up towards Pulfin bog and back. Another option from Tickton is to head south past the boats moored on Swinemoor and under the lifting bridge at Weel to Beverley beck. Beverley Beck is the southern limit of our area and our boats are NOT allowed to proceed further south.

Half day trips

By far our most popular trip is a half day on the river. From Tickton you will have time to get to Hempholme lock and back, and even have a quick picnic, however if you want time to tie up at the lock and have a look around you really should allow a little extra time – you can add an hour onto a half day hire if you wish, if you want a couple of hours extra take the boat for a full day. You can picnic in the boat, or at Hempholme lock. There is also Wills Ice Cream parlour behind the Crown and Anchor pub across the river from us, great for those hot days!

Evening trips

We do evening hire by arrangement, this must be pre-booked and depends on staff availability – please call and ask. The river can be extremely beautiful in the evenings, a wonderful time to get out on the water whether rowing or by motor. We offer a 2 hour evening special at a reduced rate, please see our prices, and can hire boats out until sunset – boats must be back at Tickton before Sunset.

One option is to take a fish and chip supper out in the boat with you, a definite change for the kids! We recommend Stuarts of Driffield in Beverley, about a mile away from our Tickton base – Come early to go through the formalities, then send a driver to get the food while we go through the briefing with the hirer. When the food arrives, off you go!

Longer trips

We are considering longer trips, including one way trips from Beverley to North Frodingham and back, but these depend on staff availability and are really suited to experienced boaters only, as it involves locking through Hempholme lock, not always the easiest of locks. If you have experience of locks and would like to make the trip please talk to us, we may be able to fit it in.