What to see and do

Whether filling a leisurely hour on the river on a sunny afternoon and having a picnic or exploring the many hidden treasures along this section of the River Hull corridor we are sure you will have a memorable time, there is much to see and do on the river Hull! Rowing boats and our new canoes  are inherently quiet allowing you to approach the abundant wildlife without disturbance. If fishing is your thing why not hire a boat (with or without engine) to access those parts of the river inaccessible by foot and not heavily fished. Who knows what’s lurking in those quieter waters!

Ever seen an Osprey?Although not a regular visitor to the River Hull,Osprey have been seen on the quieter parts of the river.How about otters?They too inhabit the river banks… Go to our wildlife section for more information about what you might encounter.

Perhaps a ‘chill out’ afternoon is in order.There are few better ways to  escape the rush of modern day life than spending an afternoon on the water.Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine and ‘escape’. No traffic tail backs on the river!