The river Hull flows through tranquil East Yorkshire countryside from it’s source in the chalk streams of the Wolds to Beverley, and on through the industrial landscape of Hull to the Humber estuary. Nowadays the river is not used for commercial traffic, at least not the upper river, however with the European commission making the low cost of waterborne transport more and more attractive, both in terms of actual cost and cost to the environment, we may yet see the river in use commercially again. Driffield Navigation trust and Driffield Navigation Amenities Association continue with their efforts to restore the Driffield Navigation to a fully navigable state all the way to Driffield.

Meanwhile around 350 boats regularly use the river, and we have visitors from all over the UK coming to the River Hull and Driffield navigation despite the rough Humber estuary forming a significant obstacle which is one of the reasons that the river is as quiet as it is today.

Boats from the river regularly travel all over the UK, including London, Bristol, Ripon, Leeds, and other destinations on the British Waterways network. There is an active boating community on the river, with three major boat clubs (The Beverley Beck Boating Association, Hull Bridge Boat club, & Bethels Bridge boat club) members regularly using the river.

Local canoe clubs regularly use the river and there is significant interest in preserving and enjoying this important local resource.

Fishing competitions on the river can attract in excess of seventy anglers to popular events.

Hire a boat for the best way to see what the river has to offer as you travel through the tranquil East Yorkshire counrtyside!